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Summer Progressive Dinner Tour

Ticket Adults

Experience a unique private food tour for the Tucson Insider’s!

Join us for an unforgettable journey through Tucson’s culinary hotspots, where every bite tells a story and every dish is a testament to the city’s rich culinary heritage. This tour will tantalize your taste buds and provide exclusive access to the city’s vibrant culinary scene. Indulge in an exploration of six handpicked local restaurants, each offering a distinctive flavor profile and ambiance.

Throughout the tour, you’ll have the opportunity to savor an array of delectable dishes, carefully curated to showcase the diverse culinary landscape of Tucson. From savory appetizers to mouthwatering mains and decadent desserts, every stop on the tour promises a delightful gastronomic adventure.

Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or simply passionate about discovering new flavors, this immersive experience offers an opportunity to connect with the culinary community on a personal level.